Just a few of my favorite pages from my newest perzine “Vain”

Simple, directionless art piece comprised selfies and out of context snippets of some personal journal entries. If anything, I created it with the intention of juxtaposing vanity with insecurities and self loathing/ self destructive thoughts.  

Message me here if you’d like a copy :) 

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the best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world.

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This is how I date.


the first cut is the deepest, p. p. arnold


There is nothing lovely about having to continuously convince someone to love you.

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  • Mentee: I thought only white people got attacked by ghosts.
  • Me: Wait, why?
  • Mentee: Cause you see them in the movies tryin' to fuck with spirits all the damn time with ouija boards and shit.

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Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action

 (Left to Right): Peter Buffett, Jimmie Briggs, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Porter,
 Dave Zirin and Moderator Eve Ensler.




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A mini documentary on sex trafficking of Native women, with particular focus on Minnesota (Native women & girls are frequently sold on the shipping boats that travel around the Lakes, and have been for decades).

"People don’t see Native American women as humans. They see them as punching bags. Or something novel, like a new toy—it’s fun at first, but afterwards you throw it away." —Sarah El Fakahany, Sexual Assault Advocate at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

This is very sad, I didn’t know that the Native American women and girls were part of sex trade and prostitution.

it is a very big problem, much bigger than many people realize or want to admit, even among Native communities. if you go to a truck stop anywhere near tribal communities late at night, you will see young Native girls who have been trafficked. Minnesota, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, & Washington are particularly bad. here’s some more resources on sex trafficking of Native women:

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